Main types of Alloys offered:

  • Aluminum: 1100, 6061 and 6063

  • OFHC Copper

  • 90-10 Bronze

  • Coin Silver

  • Double Ridged Waveguide

We create custom boxes when required, making sure that all the parts arrive safe and undamaged.  

Sizes, Heights and Wall Thicknesses:

  • WRD-180 to WRD-750

  • WR-22 to WR-284 are the common waveguide sizes we work with - but can work with other sizes.

  • Our waveguide is mostly standard wall - however, we are skilled in working with Heavy Wall, Thin Wall and even Reduced Heights.

Twisting & Bending:

  • We specialize in Rectangle Waveguide and Double Ridged Waveguide.

  • Skilled in Square, Rectangle & Circular Waveguide 

  • We are proficient in "E" or "H" planes in bends; as well as, Twists.

Our IN-HOUSE Capabilities Include:

  • CAM/CNC Machining: We have a great machine shop that can manage orders ranging from the smallest quantities to larger amounts. 
  • We use SolidWorks
  • Recently purchased a CMM Machine